*GITD Collection

The Glow In The Dark range presents you with a fun and innovative feature –
Special edge paint charges with natural daylight and illuminates at night by Glowing In the Dark.

Brief Bag
Brief Bag

The GITD Brief bag is an evolution originally designed around the idea of a man’s briefcase in a woman’s hand. The proportions are feminine whilst retaining an empowered sturdy feeling for an everyday bag.

Panorama bag

For this collection, we have developed vibrant fluorescent silicones to compliment the range.

Customise the signature Panorama Bag with your favourite Spiral colours, and watch the *Glow in the Dark edges come alive at night.


The Strap Tote is a nod to SCOTRIA’s architectural design routes, the play of clean angular lines taking a triangular form on the body whilst serving as a practical staple bag.


The Berg Bag embodies SCOTRIA’s signature design concept. Inspired by architecture and industrialism it is made to power bounce in your hand.