At SCOTRIA we are committed to doing our part for a more sustainable future.

Technological advance and modular design are at our core. Both enable and drive us to do better.

All our products are manufactured in an artisanal family run factory in Spain.



We are driven by a constant thirst for exploration and newness in design, development and production.

We continuously source the newest and best partners, suppliers and materials for our production processes.

Regular collaborators with cutting edge sustainable practices include:

  • Kvadrat
  • Greencast
  • Italian gold standard leather tannery

We are constantly looking to expand our supplier base with companies who are pioneering sustainable newness by offering ranges which can offer significantly reduced environmental impact by for example:

  • Having a strong in-house environmental policy
  • Reduced water consumption during production
  • Avoidance of harmful chemicals by employing innovative processes
  • Suppliers who will work with us to develop products and components from recycled materials where possible


  • Modular design which allows us to rework and repurpose stock. This reduces waste and seasonality of our products.
  • New developments tend to evolve from existing patterns & materials available for use resulting in a lean and efficient sampling process
  • Our signature caps are never discarded but rather cleaned and repurposed onto new colour spirals when needed


  • In-house recycling
  • All production boxes from our suppliers are reused for our wholesale sendouts
  • Production items are received in protective plastic bags which are from 100% recycled plastic and are returned to manufacturer for reuse
  • SCOTRIA e-commerce comes in fully recyclable paper packaging
  • Use of recyclable paper tape instead of plastic for all our wholesale and e-commerce packages
  • Working with recycled plexiglass as a core design component
  • Out of use plexiglass is returned to supplier for recycling
  • In-house printer paper is recycled


  • We offset carbon emissions for our e-commerce shipments
  • Production material contingencies are cost at a minimum to avoid waste and surplus as much as possible
  • Modular design methodology allows for repurposing of stock and significant reduction of ‘dead’ stock
  • We negotiate to get the best and most sensible minimum order quantities with our suppliers to reduce any excess as much as possible
  • We only sample confirmed styles and colourways meaning we sell what we develop and do not axe any styles pre- sales


We are constantly evolving and adapting and would love to hear from you should you have any suggestions for our vision for a more sustainable future.



We collaborate closely with our selected suppliers who share our values in not only quality, but social responsibility too.

All our bags are manufactured in a family run, artisanal factory in Alicante.

All processes from cutting to painting are done under one roof allowing employees to take pride in their product from start to finish.

SCOTRIA is committed to achieving the best result, for a fair and commercially viable price.

This allows for the growth of sustainable businesses on both ends resulting in cross border economy stimulation as well as secure employment for our teams.


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