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Alibi Bag


The Alibi Bag plays on an exhibitionist ‘nothing to hide’ approach to a handbag. Recycled plexiglass is hand-assembled and set into the Bag, allowing a voyeuristic view inside.

The padded sturdiness of the triangular shape radiates confidence and resilience, whilst revealing a more delicate sensitivity through the playful plexiglass assemble

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Go! Bag

The Go! Bag is SCOTRIA’s ‘all you need’ bag.
Edited to the core function of a handbag, three unique pouches hold key essentials for on the go. Designed to make you feel light and bag-free, without missing your must-haves.

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Strap Berg Bag

SCOTRIA's iconic Berg Bag has evolved and now comes with an adjustable strap so that you can hit the streets hands-free. 
Inspired by architecture and industrialism, the Strap Berg Bag uses playful colours to accentuate interior design references and modular design. 

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Berg Bag

Taking its name from the Austrian meaning of mountain, the Berg Bag embodies SCOTRIA’s signature modular design concept.
Inspired by architecture and industrialism, the Berg Bag is made to power bounce in your hand.
Made in Spain by artisanal craftsmen, and assembled by hand in London.

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Brief Bag

The Brief bag is an evolution originally designed around the idea of a man’s briefcase in a woman’s hand.

The proportions are feminine whilst retaining an empowered sturdy feeling for an everyday bag.

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Panorama Bag

The Panorama Bag is an homage to SCOTRIA's signature architectural craftsmanship.

The inside leather pouch is showcased through clear Italian recycled plexiglass - for an elevated panoramic view.

Silicone spirals form soft joints and elongated curved handles, with an adjustable strap that allows to be worn cross body.

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Strap Tote

The Strap Tote is a nod to SCOTRIA’s architectural design routes, the play of clean angular lines taking a triangular form on the body whilst serving as a practical staple bag.

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