All SCOTRIA products are made to give you the best experience of our signature designs.



Counterfeits and knock-offs of SCOTRIA handbags undermine this effort by illegally using SCOTRIA registered trademark and Design Rights.

This compromises our commitment to quality, durability and manufacturing values and puts you at risk of:

  • receiving inferior quality products
  • non functional products
  • losing money on orders you pay for but never receive
  • delivery delays
  • lengthy communications with fraudulent sellers
  • contributing to poor working conditions of dangerous & exploitative factories
  • no aftersales service/warranty


Should you have any queries about the authenticity of previously purchased products, you can contact us directly on and we will be more than happy to help verify your purchase regardless of where and when this was bought.


Where do I buy genuine SCOTRIA products?

Genuine SCOTRIA products are available for sale on and select stockists worldwide. Click here to discover our global authorised retail partners.


How do I know if the SCOTRIA bag I would like to purchase is real?

Below is an indicative checklist on how to spot a potential counterfeit SCOTRIA product, to ensure you are getting the real deal:

  • Is the store/website named on the SCOTRIA stockists page?
  • Is the price significantly lower than what is listed on
  • Does the product look like a SCOTRIA handbag but is missing the branding?
  • Are you seeing different sizes, shapes or colourways other than those displayed on

If in doubt you can contact us directly via the contacts below for speedy verification and peace of mind:



SCOTRIA and our Designs are registered trademarks of SCOTRIA Limited and we are working with global counterfeit coalitions to legally pursue and take down fraudulent sellers and platforms.

If you come across suspicious listings you can assist SCOTRIA by sharing these to us directly on for us to take a look.


We have a special rewards programme for our community counterfeit reporters.


Thank you,


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